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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Lips

Thursday Art and Dinner Date Bugs Bunny Lips

Art Date: This week’s art prompt is Lips

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is Lips! Bugs Bunny pulled out his “falsies” (eyelashes that is) and smacked on the lipstick for this week’s photo shoot. I think he looks so cute! I drew Bugs with markers and I used a royalty-free background that I found on Pixabay.

Graphite Pencil Lips

how to draw lips with graphite pencils this image shows my drawing of pencil-drawn lips

I really enjoyed this week’s prompt! I tried drawing some pouty lips with graphite pencils. It was quite challenging, at first I wasn’t sure if I could make them look realistic or not, but somehow it came together. And no, they’re not mine! Here’s the post where I show you step-by-step, how to draw these lips.

The real-time drawing lesson is on my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art, if you’d like to follow along! For a list of my real-time and time-lapsed art lessons, please click this link: Rain Frances Art – Drawing and Painting Lessons.

Luscious Watercolor Lips!

how to paint lips with watercolors this image shows my painting of watercolor drawn lips

Do you remember those candy lips from when you were a kid? I can’t remember the name of them, but I used to buy them at the candy store, they tasted like cinnamon. I think my watercolor lips look like those candy lips! This was a fun one to do! If you’d like to see the post where I show you my process, just click on the link. I also have the real-time watercolor lesson video up on Rain Frances Art if you’d like to give it a go!

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Rain Frances Art For Kids! A Little Pink Pig

This week I also drew a cute little pig for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art For Kids! I drew this with coloring pencils.

For a list of my Kid’s Art Drawing and Painting lessons, please click here: Rain Frances Art For Kids on YouTube Video Index.

Pig drawing for Rain Frances Art For Kids

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube. Please share this with anyone you might think will enjoy it!

Dinner Date: Pho-Style Soup with Chicken

How To Make Pho Style Soup garnished with chicken, cilantro and green onions

For our dinner date, I made a delicious Pho-Style Soup with Chicken (click for the written recipe). It’s not the authentic version of Vietnamese Pho Soup. I made it the way I like it! It’s a very hearty and comforting soup and the recipe is quite versatile. It’s done in about an hour. Yummy!

Here are the video instructions for the soup:

Join us! Link your art and/or foodie post below in the link widget!

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Hello Rain, your art work is always awesome. Love the bunny and the little pig. The soup looks yummy! Take care, have a great day and happy week!



Bugs’ girlfriend is puckering up for her favorite bunny. That’s great!! Your graphite and watercolor lips are beautiful, too!


…your Pho-style soup looks like great winter treat!

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Rain, your lips are amazing!!! And the pig is darling! I’m sorry, I don’t care for mushrooms, but I bet your soup would be delicious without them. Have a great weekend! Hugs to you!


Lovely lips and your food looks delicious.

All the best Jan

The Low Carb Diabetic

Andrea @ From the Sol

I have never been very good with lips so I will, for sure, be looking at your tutorials. I love your pouty lips and of course Bugs takes the cake 🙂 Your soup looks awesome and I will take you at your word that it is easy to put together. I will be looking into that recipe too. Your post is full of good stuff this week, Rain. So how did you celebrate Valentines Day? I made my husband a funny card and then we had yummy milk shakes for a treat after dinner (Culver’s … you have to eat them with a spoon and they are the best). I bought chocolates for my daughter and her roommate and some for the staff at her Nursing home (and, of course, there was enough left over for ME 🙂 Haven’t heard much about Jack … how is he doing?

Andrea @ From the Sol


Fun art and beautifully done, especially love the graphite lips.
The soup looks delicious. I will give the recipe a go. Thank you, Rain.

Gillena Cox

Happy Thursday Rain


Debra SheWhoSeeks

Beautiful luscious lips! And lip-smacking good pho soup — so beautifully styled, it looks like it comes from a restaurant!


What a nice post! Graphite lips and a sweet pig. That recipe looks delicious too. Thank you! Aloha!


I love how you created the lips both in graphite and painting. As I mentioned earlier I am going to make that soup. It looks so good. I love your new website, Sis!


Oh wow on your ‘lips’ art Rain! LOVE it. The soup looks so good too.


Well, the only lips you’ll see in my post are those sipping wine but my Cork Poppers post does have some terrific food and wine! Love those Valentine lips! Happy Valentine’s Day!