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About Me

Hi, I’m Rain! Would you like to know a little about me?

Rain Frances About Me Meet Rain

I enjoy life in my cozy cottage in the woods in the Maritimes of Canada with my ever-growing fur family. Hats are a regular part of my wardrobe as you will see! Being at home is where I always want to be. After a work-related accident, I moved away from the city decades ago with the hopes of living a simple and quiet life. My goal is comfort, quiet and cozy!

Food, Home and Garden

I’m a home-chef and a gardener. I love everything about “home” and I enjoy blogging about my life, home and pets. On this website, I share recipes and meal ideas, everything from comfort foods to healthy vegan alternatives. I have a YouTube channel Rain’s Kitchen and Garden, where I also share how-to videos – mostly cooking, baking and gardening videos! My most popular video is How To Make French Baguettes!

Rain Frances Kitchen How To Make French Baguettes

Perpetual Student

Rain Frances Reading The Elements Of Pizza Book

I love to learn! I’m always taking one course or another. My passions are art technique, food photography (anything about food actually!) and psychology. I believe that learning keeps your mind sharp and your options open.


I’m also an artist, self-taught! In 2013, I bought some canvas and oil paints and followed along with EVERY episode of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting“. Wanting to move on from only painting Bob Ross’ landscapes to creating my own style, I switched to acrylic painting, and eventually watercolors. In 2016, I taught myself how to draw. After that, I started drawing Looney Tunes characters and that developed into a weekly drawing that I post on my blog. 2023 was the year I started to take more art courses, consequently building my art muscle!

Rain Frances Art About Me

Thursday Art and Dinner Date

Photo of Rain Frances Painting and Enjoying Wine and Cheese

I host a weekly Thursday Art and Dinner Date that I started in 2019. Every Thursday here on Rain Frances Creations, you’ll find a blog post with a link widget where you can join in and share your blog post with a beautiful community of art and food lovers! I offer a weekly optional art prompt to challenge you, but anyone who wants to share their art or food posts are certainly welcome!

To Motivate and Inspire

You know sometimes you have those lightbulb moments? Well I had mine in 2023. My purpose in life is to not only bring joy and knowledge to others; but also to motivate and inspire people to seize every day and embrace challenges and change. This moment led me to pursue full time studies this year to refine my education towards coaching and counselling. It’s an exciting journey and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Rain Frances Creations Webshop – Webstore coming soon!

Rain Frances Art About Me Mouse Merchandise

I asked myself one day, “Wouldn’t it be nice to make a living by doing what you love?” And that’s how Rain Frances Creations was born. Coming soon in 2024, I will have a webstore where I will have my artwork for sale – in many forms, please stay tuned!

Free Painting and Drawing Lessons

If you are interested in free art lessons, check out my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art. I have mostly real-time videos where I show you how to draw and paint using many mediums. But I also have a bunch of time-lapsed videos and shorts as well. One of my favourite mediums is charcoal and I love to draw celebrity portraits! I also have another channel made for kids called Rain Frances Art For Kids! It’s a fun little channel where I show you how to draw things like apples and candy canes! It’s for kids of all ages I like to say!

Rain Frances Art Photo of Rain Drawing The Blues Brothers With Ink And Graphite

Let’s Connect

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Thanks so much for being here my friends!
See you on the blog,