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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Eggs

Thursday Art and Dinner Date Porky Pig Daffy Duck Golden Goose Eggs

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is Eggs! Daffy Duck has some explaining to do! Porky Pig and the Golden Goose think he laid that 24-carat golden egg! I drew the Looney Tunes characters with markers and used a royalty-free photo for the background. A great place to find royalty-free images is Pixabay.

Egg Drawn with Graphite Pencils

How To Draw An Egg With Pencil

I tried drawing some still life this week. Here is my egg drawn with graphite pencils. It wasn’t easy for me but I did enjoy the challenge!

Here is the post where I take you through the drawing step-by-step. I also have the real-time video up on my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art if you’d like to follow along!

For a list of my real-time and time-lapsed art lessons, please click this link: Rain Frances Art – Drawing and Painting Lessons.

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Rain Frances Art For Kids! A Frog For Leap Day!

This week for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art For Kids!, I drew a cute little frog for Leap Day. I drew this with markers.

For a list of my Kid’s Art Drawing and Painting lessons, please click here: Rain Frances Art For Kids on YouTube Video Index.

Frog drawing for Rain Frances Art For Kids

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube. Please share this with anyone you might think will enjoy it!

Dinner Date: Egg White Scrambled Eggs

How To Make Egg White Scrambled Eggs

For our dinner date, it was a no-brainer! I had to make something with eggs. I don’t digest egg yolks very well, so I decided to make an egg white scramble with garlic, tomatoes, and spinach. I topped it with a little bit of shredded Cheddar cheese and served it with my Homemade Whole Wheat Bread! It was SO delicious. Here is the post with the recipe.

Here are the video instructions for my delicious and quick Egg White Scramble:

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That’s all for now folks! Please join us again next Thursday for Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Next week’s optional art prompt is: “Corners”. If you’d like a heads-up, here is a list of all of the art prompts for 2024.

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Hello Rain,
I always enjoy seeing your Toon characters. Well done.
The meal with scrambled egg whites looks yummy.
Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead. 


I like the egg you’ve drawn, and your egg dish looks so tasty.

Wishing you a happy new month of March.

All the best Jan
.The Low Carb Diabetic

Andrea @ From the Sol

Well, I would have thought the Golden Goose laid the Golden Egg … did I miss something? Anyway, who cares who laid it … just cash it in and enjoy 😁
You know at first glance one would think drawing an egg would be simple … not! It is a challenge to get the proportions right and then there is the shading and the background … I think I had better spend some time with your tutorial 🙂 As for egg white scramble … I like my yolks. Egg whites don’t have enough flavor for me … but that said, when one considers all the other ingredients, I am thinking I could enjoy that scramble 🙂 I will try it out for sure and let you know (or I might just add the extra ingredients to a whole egg scramble … hmmmm 🙂 And I always love whole wheat bread and homemade would be wonderful (I would have to come to your house since I rarely, if ever, bake). We have had that conversation already so I’ll just let it go at that. So another great post, Rain … glad your power is back and you have a choice as to how you stay warm. So it is March already … not that long until Spring. I am reeeaaadddy … how about you? Until next week 😘

Andrea @ From the Sol

Louise (Fundy Blue)

You did a great job drawing the egg, Rain! Since the egg is an ovoid rendered in 2D, it’s not easy! Love your frog! Terry and I usually have an egg-based dinner every two weeks, if not more. I enjoy making homemade whole wheat bread. I’m going to have to be really focused on eating healthily when we get home. We both have indulged too much while here in Waikiki ~ lol! My weaknesses are mai tais and pastries. Have a good week! Hugs to you!


Glad you go the power back. I think I will make this egg meal for dinner tonight.


Rain, I’m glad that the juice is back on!

Debra SheWhoSeeks

I’m glad your power is back on! Love your still life egg — well done!


This is one of your cutest Looney Tunes and the eggs look terrific. Alas, I don’t have eggs today but am happy to bring a pesto recipe to the dinner party!


Yay your power is back! Beautiful graphite egg and the egg white breakfast looks delicious!