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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Rabbits

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is Rabbits! I thought I’d give you a rear-view of Bugs Bunny today! He’s practicing for his role as the Easter Bunny.

Last week I got a comment from someone asking if I’d just ripped my drawing of Yosemite Sam right off the internet and called it my own. Oh, the nerve! Doesn’t really bother me, but I thought I’d show you how I draw my Looney Tunes these days! I draw the outline with a pencil and go over it with a black marker. I then take a photo and upload it to my computer to edit. Sometimes I continue to use markers to color in the character before I snap the shot. This week, I used my graphic design tablet and Photoshop to color in Bugs. That tablet has added a new layer to my artwork and I LOVE it. The last step is to find a royalty-free image as a background and then put the piece together! I use Pixabay for royalty-free photos.

Rabbit Drawing

The dogs have kept me super busy these last few weeks, I can’t believe they’ve only been here two weeks! I posted a few photos of them here. But I was determined to draw something other than a Looney Tune this week! Here’s my ink and graphite wabbit! Here is the link to the blog post where I show you step-by-step how I drew this rabbit. I recorded the real-time tutorial and it’s up on my YouTube Channel Rain Frances Art if you’d like to check it out:

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Rain Frances Art For Kids! Baby Goose!

This week for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art For Kids!, I drew a baby goose. I was inspired by a friend of mine who discovered that two goose eggs on her farm were fertilized. She said it’s hard to raise geese and she was thrilled! I drew this with markers.

For a list of my Kid’s Art Drawing and Painting lessons, please click here: Rain Frances Art For Kids on YouTube Video Index.

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube. Please share this with anyone you might think will enjoy it!

Dinner Date: Oatmeal Cookies!

For our dinner date, I had cookies on my mind. I LOVE oatmeal cookies! I resisted the urge to add chocolate chips to the cookies because I wanted them to be kind of a breakfast cookie for me. They’re crunchy and chewy! I added dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg to the cookie dough, which gives the cookie a nice warm spicy taste. Here is the link to the recipe post for my Quick Oatmeal Cookies.

Here is the link to the video instructions if you’d like to see how I made my Quick Oatmeal Cookies.

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Andrea @ From the Sol

What is a Graphic Design Tablet? Sounds like something I would like to have … are they expensive? Anyway, I never questioned your art as being anything but authentic … shame on the person who was so rude. Bugs from behind, you are getting good at anatomy . I will be watching your tutorial to see how you did it.
I am not surprised that your dogs are keeping you busy. They need some nurturing to gain their trust and accept your love. Please do keep us posted on your progress 🙂 As for Oatmeal cookies … love, love, love them, so I never bake them anymore because I eat them all before anyone else gets a chance. I do buy them at Jewel though. They have some big crunchy delicious ones and there are only four in the container. Helps keep me under control, Ha! So I looked up next weeks prompt and … appliances? I am quite sure I don’t have any photos of appliances so I will have to create something … but what??? You do challenge this old brain. So stay well and enjoy your “busy”, it is healthy to keep one’s mind and body active 🙂

Andrea @ From the Sol


Hello Rain,
The Bugs Bunny art is wonderful, I love the Baby goose and the rabbit.
The cookies look yummy! Take care, have a great weekend.


Lovely art and those cookies look great.
Wishing you a good weekend.

All the best Jan

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Hi, Rain! Sometimes internet people can be really awful. As I recall, you indicated in that post that you had gotten the background from Pixabay. I enjoyed Bugsy and the baby duck, but I really love the picture of the “wabbit” you did. You have become an amazing artist, my friend! I screwed up when I added my first link above. Somehow I managed to link to my blogger control page. Can you remove that first link? If you can, I would really appreciate it. I was a little rattled when adding my name to the list. For some reason Google marked my post as containing sensitive material, and I can’t figure out why. But I’m drinking my first cup of coffee this morning, and from this moment forward my day will be good! Have a great weekend! Hugs to you!

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Oh thank you, Rain! You’re the best! ❤️


Wow — for once I have something to share! And I’m clicking over to get your oatmeal cookie recipe, too. They look wonderful! (Beautiful bunny drawing!)


Both bunniew are beutiful work. Loved it 🙂

Debra SheWhoSeeks

Love how you’re doing your Looney Tunes art now! And your graphite and ink drawing of the rabbit is outstanding! Thanks for the oatmeal cookie recipe — I’ve been craving some good old-fashioned oatmeal cookies lately, so I’ve printed it and will try it out in the near future!


You’re just that good for someone to ask such a question. lol Your Bugs is really good. You do a good job adding your artwork to borrowed images. That’s hard to do without it looking like that’s what you did, you know what I’m saying? Mmm, oatmeal cookies – love ’em! Your realistic rabbit is so cute. I will watch the video and will give it a try!


Great looking cookies. And I love your looney tunes! They have your own style about them somehow, Rain. Aloha


Outstanding rabbit drawing, love it! Fun Bugs piece too. Love your oatmeal cookies.


My comment is lost… I don’t know why.

Thank you for hosting, dear Rain, again.

Hugs by Heidrun