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Miley, Lulu-Lucy and Benny Bear are continuing to adjust very well here at home! Raven my Rottweiler is so happy to have a pack. She’s running along with them, barking when they bark; and taking on the roll of mama for Benny. It’s all so very sweet!

Unfortunately you can see in the photo that the girls are way too skinny. I HATE that they were neglected. I’m trying to slowly fatten them up with healthy supplements.

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Sweet babies! 🥲


Glad they are doing well Rain!


Delightful photos. I’m glad to hear they’re happy and healthy. You have a wonderful new family

Andrea @ From the Sol

It is going to take me some time to remember the names and who is who, but I love that these sweet babies have found their forever home with you. I am guessing they have figured out that they have been blessed by now as have you … life is good, Rain and you are one who makes it that way. Hugs …

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Hi, Rain! I noticed how skinny they were right away, but I immediately thought of how lucky they were to land with you and how you will nurture them, body and soul. You are a very special person! Sending your hugs!