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Winter In The Mountains – A Tour Of My Land

We had a snowstorm and everything looks so beautiful! I wanted to share these photos of my land in winter. I keep humming the Dean Martin song “It’s a Marshmallow World” when I look out my window! Winter in the mountains is a treat, as long as the wind doesn’t make everything frigid!

Image of snowy pines

The pine trees that line my acreage.

Image of snowy birch woods
Image of jack pines

Birch trees, Maple trees and Jack Pines.

Image of snowy canope

Under a canopy of snow.

Bird feeders around my property.

image of chickadee

Chickadee in the Birch trees, waiting for breakfast.

Image of snowy raised beds

Raised beds, waiting for spring!

Image of snowy limb from jack pine

We’ve had such a mild winter so far, I was happy to see some snow! How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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Louise (Fundy Blue)

This is beautiful, Rain! So peaceful, so snuggled under a blanket of snow!

Bill Lisleman

Snow in the mountains is much prettier than plowed snow in the city.


It all looks beautiful!


Yes you DID have a snow storm. I am so glad I can see it in photos and not in my yard. LOL I am just too old to live this that kind of country anymore. You have a beautiful place, Sis.


Oh my, what beautiful phots, Rain, And I love your new website. 🙂


A wonderful winter landscape. so classically Canadian. Brings joy to my heart.


Such a joy to come here and read through your beautiful.posts. I love the photis and the positive energy that comes from all this. So well done. Thank you for sharing !!!