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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Crowns

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Today’s optional art prompt is “Crowns”. Tweety Bird is certainly the king of his castle!

I drew Tweety all adorned in kingly attire in my sketchbook; then took a photo and uploaded it to my computer. I gussied him up using Photoshop and superimposed him on a royalty-free image I found on Pixabay. I blurred the background so that Tweety Bird would stand out a little better!

The dogs are doing very well. But as you can imagine, they are keeping me very busy! I walk them twice a day – two at a time – so they’re getting a lot of great exercise – as am I!! Each duo gets 90 minutes of daily walking (weather permitting) – so that means I get THREE HOURS! Love it.

I’m really enjoying life! And to boot, spring is here so my gardening season is about to start! My Carpe Diem obsession will not allow me to slow down, but honestly, I’m loving life. I’m about to do a deep dive into Freudian vs. Jungian psychology! I hope you’re all well my friends!! ♥ Tell me what you’re up to!

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That’s all for now folks! Please join us again next Thursday for Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Next week’s optional art prompt is: “Statues”. If you’d like a heads-up, here is a list of all of the art prompts for 2024.

If you’d like to share your post, just link up below! We’d love to see your foodie post and/or your art post! Remember, the weekly art prompt is optional, we’d love to see any art you’ve created!

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i loved to hear you are enjoying your life dear Rain 🙂

this makes me happy honestly !
your art is GLORIOUS WOW !

i am happy that your walk with dog are pleasurable my friend 🙂
heartfelt best wishes for the gardening

Andrea @ From the Sol

I just realized I didn’t comment on this weeks post … soooooo, I have to say I think you do a better Tweety than Loony Toons. I know how hard it is to get it right, as I struggled with the one time I did a Tweety, so hats off to you for that.
I love the picture of the dogs looking out the window with the awesome muted reflection off to the right. Great shot, Rain! I am so glad you are loving life … you have so much to give and it is only right that life would give in return. And Freudian vs Jungian Psychology? Be careful where you tread … it could mess with your psyche 🤣 As to what I am up to … many things aside from my daily visits to my daughter who is cooped up in a Nursing home, I just went to my Granddaughter’s Wedding Shower where I was greeted by a great be hug from her mother (My son’s ex wife, who I have never cared for) and I actually found myself enjoying her company. I love that time can erase old feelings and I love more that they can be replaced by comfortable, even caring feelings. We should all remember to let go of old grudges, because honestly, they just weigh you down. Anyway, enough lecture … love your post as always Rain …

Andrea @ From the Sol


I love the pups! Good for you. You sound terrific. Happy spring, happy Rain, happy gardening!


Indeed, dear Rain, you are very busy. I admire your energy. The picture of the dogs on the window waiting is heartmelting for me… lovely.

Thank you again for hosting. Hugs by Heidrun

Louise (Fundy Blue)

It’s lovely to feel your energy and enthusiasm, Rain! Tweety does pop wonderfully. The four dogs at the window crack me up. Raven is fitting right in. Happy walking!


No crowns or art to share today but stopping in to say hello. I do love your Tweety and I’m glad all is going well!


…keep enjoying life!


Tweety Bird looks good with the crown 🙂

I like your photograph showing the dogs.
It sounds that both they, and you, are getting plenty of exercise.

All the best Jan


Tweety Rules! I love that photo with the dogs too Aloha

Traude Rostrose

Dear Rain, Tweety is a sweet king ;-DD – you did a great job with the background! By the way, I have the Sydney Opera House on the program today – and if you look closely at it, you’ll notice that it has the shape of a crown! The dog photo is also very adorable – and wow, three hours of dog walking, that’s huge. But it’s great that you love it – and your animals certainly love it too! All the best and a good start into May, Traude

Debra SheWhoSeeks

Tweety rules, no doubt about it! I love Jungian psychology with its emphasis on the meaning of mythology and the inner spiritual life. It was a crucial stepping stone in my own spiritual development! I hope you will find it equally rewarding! (PS — Freud not so much)


Lovely crowned Tweety Rain!


Tweety is adorable! I don’t know when I’ll get back on prompt. I do have art on display today but I’m linking up. To be honest, I’m finding it harder each time to reply to comments and do return visits. I came to the painful decision to pull back starting in June. I’ve put on having a ‘real’ blogging hiatus for way too long. The break will do me good. Have a doodletastic week(end), Rain!