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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Corners

Thursday Art and Dinner Date Corners Tweety Bird and Sylvester

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is Corners! What was Tweety Bird thinking walking down a dark alley in the middle of the night, alone? Well, he is about to realize, he’s not alone! Methinks that Sylvester the Cat is waiting in the dark corner! I drew the Looney Tunes characters with markers and used a royalty-free photo for the background. A great place to find royalty-free images is Pixabay.

Painting My Pets

I took a little time this week to add to my pet painting. I added Fluffy, my childhood dog to the left corner of the painting. She was an English Sheepdog. I also added Raven to the right side of the painting – most of you know Raven my Rottweiler, she’s still with me and very healthy! I also added 3 squirrels to the tree branch. In 2019, I found 3 baby squirrels in my basement and I kept them for 3 months – helping them to prepare for release. I still have two more dogs to add to this painting, it’s getting crowded!

I recorded a video of the painting if you’d like to check it out:

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Rain Frances Art For Kids! Alarm Clock!

This week for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art For Kids!, I drew a very surprised alarm clock! I don’t think he realizes how loud he rings each morning! I drew this with markers.

For a list of my Kid’s Art Drawing and Painting lessons, please click here: Rain Frances Art For Kids on YouTube Video Index.

alarm clock drawing

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube. Please share this with anyone you might think will enjoy it!

Dinner Date: Quick Homemade Chocolate Pudding

How to make chocolate pudding

For our dinner date, my sweet tooth was calling for something chocolatey! I’ve noticed as I age, I have a lower tolerance for store-bought food. So whenever I can, I make my meals and treats from scratch. This chocolate pudding is quick to make, it’s vegetarian and it’s dang filling! Instead of cornstarch, I used all-purpose flour. It almost has the texture of a custard it’s so thick. I loved it, it’s a meal in itself!!  Here is the post with the recipe.

Here are the video instructions for my delicious and quick Homemade Cooked Chocolate Pudding:

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Happy Thursday. Missed you last week. Sorry to hear of the power outage.



Always like to see Tweety bird. I remained amazed at how much art you produce Rain! My first link was a mistake. The second one works. I hope you can remove the wrong one. Thank you, Rain Aloha

Andrea @ From the Sol

Well, we were on the same page this week. Your Tweety is perfect and mine, well I obviously haven’t perfected it. And, homemade Chocolate Pudding … Yeah, we all love chocolate in my house so that will be a given … and it looks easy to make. Calories, Calories … I really must stop eating sweets. I seem to still be in vacation mode where I think it is okay to gobble down whatever I please. Well, soon, but not today 😁 Love your pet picture and will look at the video. I have only had three dogs in my lifetime and many cats so I will have to find a way to get them all in, but I love the idea and I think yours is awesome. I am already thinking about next weeks prompt … your blog is my escape from some of the realities in my life. I so look forward to you each week with you. Stay well, my friend …

Andrea @ From The Sol


If I were Tweety, I wouldn’t go down that scary alley either. You just don’t know what’s lurking in the shadows, like a bad putty tat or around a dark corner. I love you pet painting! What a beautiful way to immortalize your furbabies! 🙂 I’m like you, the older I get the more I dislike prepackaged foods. Homemade chocolate pudding is far better than anything you can buy from the store. 🙂


My grandmother had a English Sheepdog when I was a child. She took very good care of Me. Loved her.


Chocolate pudding looks yummy. Beautiful piece of your pets. The Sylvester corner piece is good.