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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Churches

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is “Churches”. I think Daffy Duck got the short end of the stick when he chose his bell to ring! I’m quite sure that Bugs Bunny had nothing to do with it!

Rain Frances Art: Bob Ross Style Oil Painting

I was going to follow along with one of Bob Ross’ painting shows and paint a scene with a snowy field and a country church for this week’s prompt. But when I blended the “snowy field” in my painting, it looked more to me like reflections in a lake, so I changed directions! No churches in this painting but it was still very fun to do! It’s about as cold out here as it looks in that painting, brrrrr.

I published a post where I show you step-by-step how to paint this cold winter night scene. I also have a real-time video up on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check it out!

Rain Frances Art For Kids! Spring Tulips

This week for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art For Kids!, I drew some pretty spring tulips! As I type this, it’s chilly and very windy here in the Maritimes of Canada, I can’t wait for some warmer weather, and for some beautiful flowers to pop up. I’m sure my friend Cloudia will post some beautiful flowers on her post this week!

For a list of my Kid’s Art Drawing and Painting lessons, please click here: Rain Frances Art For Kids on YouTube Video Index.

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube:

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Dinner Date: Dutch Baby!

For our dinner date, I made a delicious Dutch Baby! (click on the link for the recipe post!) This scrumptious meal is basically an oven pancake. It tastes very similar to Yorkshire Pudding – so yummy! The traditional way to make this is with fruit and maple syrup, dusted with icing sugar. But if you know me well my friends, you know that if I can make anything look and taste like a pizza, I will! I topped my Dutch Baby with tomatoes, basil, oregano, and Cheddar cheese.

The word “Dutch Baby” is an American invention. Apparently, there was a café in the States that was serving these German pancakes, full-size and miniature-sized. The story is that German pancakes are oven-baked. Someone at that café mispronounced “Deutch” (meaning German) and called it a “Dutch” pancake. Because they were serving smaller-sized versions, the term “Dutch Baby” was born.

Now, I have a German friend and she’s never heard of an oven-baked German pancake, nor the term “Dutch Baby” as a mispronunciation of Deutch….so you can take this explanation with a grain of salt! I read this on America’s Test Kitchen’s website. Below is the video where I show you How To Make A Savory Dutch Baby Step By Step.

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Leash-Training The New Dogs

I’m working very hard at training the three new doggies! It seems like they’ve never been walked before, nor are they aware of what a leash is. To the left is Lulu Lucy and her puppy Benny Bear. These two didn’t know what to do when I started to walk them. They needed a lot of coaxing to come with me on the trail. To the right are Miley and veteran walker Raven! It’s so much fun having lots of dogs in the house again! ♥

That’s all for now folks! Please join us again next Thursday for Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Next week’s optional art prompt is: “Wheels”. If you’d like a heads-up, here is a list of all of the art prompts for 2024.

If you’d like to share your post, just link up below! We’d love to see your foodie post and/or your art post! Remember, the weekly art prompt is optional, we’d love to see any art you’ve created!

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Hey Rain,

I’m sorry for not commenting when I came by last week. I meant to but sometimes I don’t do multi-tasking very well. lol I like your take for the church prompt and love that you illustrated Daffy and Bugs ringing church bells.I think your scene you intended for a snowy church landscape is really nice. It makes me think of the ocean below the moonlit sky. Now, I want to draw a wintry church or a moonlit sky and ocean scene!


Hello Rain,
I love your church bell ringing characters! The painting looks beautiful too.
Take care, have a great day!


No churches, but at least I have a little art to share! Happy week, Rain!


Rain, we both watched the video before breakfast and it made us hungry for making a Dutch Baby pancake this week. And, yes, we have only made them the traditional way with fruit, but a pizza one looks wonderful and I would substitute Mozzarella cheese😋


Well, there are many things I love here, dear Rain. First, your lovely way with the doggies. Yes, it’s not each day easy… I believe, but they are thankful, I know this from our dog.

And of course the delicious meal too. Now I see the recipe. Thank you so much.

Have a wonderful weekend, hugs by Heidrun

Andrea @ From the Sol

So, how is the training going … I would think the idea of being out in the fresh air would delight the dogs, but maybe inexperience causes some fear. How did Miley do with Raven? Did it help her to have Raven lead the way? Oh, I can only imagine the joy you get from your dogs … I miss having a dog, but at my age, it would be unfair to bring an animal into my life … sad but true.
Daffy got the biggest bell and he is taking advantage of that opportunity, where Bugs seems a bit docile with his little bell. Really cute 🙂
And I don’t doubt for a minute that you could make pizza out of just about anything … clever, clever, my friend. Stay well, I am off to watch my granddaughter play badminton on her high school team (I never knew they had badminton teams in any school, but yep they sure do 😁) Happy Spring, Rain, it is at last upon us 🙂

Andrea @ From the Sol

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Hi, Rain! I enjoyed Bug’s antics, as always. Poor Daffy! Your Dutch Baby looks delicious and probably tastes better than the traditional one. I have a very short post this week. We have to fly to Florida because Terry’s brother is struggling with cancer. I’ll do better next week. Have a great week!


…Rain, that Dutch Baby looks fabulous, I will check it out!

Debra SheWhoSeeks

You know, to pagans all of nature is our church. So your “Bob Ross” painting is of a church after all!


The Dutch Baby looks very delicious.
Great art with Daffy and Bugs.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

All the best Jan


I love your church piece Rain. The Dutch Baby looks so good too.