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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Candles

Liberace Bugs Thursday Art and Dinner Date Candles

This week’s art prompt is Candles!

Welcome to TADD! This week’s optional prompt is Candles. Bugs Bunny is having fun imitating Liberace this week. I drew this with coloring pencils and used an odorless solvent to blend the colors. The background is a royalty-free image that I blurred and darkened. I remember watching reruns of Liberace’s Christmas specials on TV when I was a kid, I just loved his elaborate outfits!

Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast Drawing by Rain Frances

One of my favorite Disney movies is Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely loved the scene where Lumière is singing “Be Our Guest”. The voice of Lumière is the late great Jerry Orbach. The art paper is blue tinted and I used oil pastels and coloring pencils to draw Lumière.

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Rain Frances Art: Charcoal Portrait Drawing of Jerry Orbach

I thought this would be a good opportunity to get back into portrait drawing, so I chose the voice of Lumière for my subject – Jerry Orbach! I have to admit to having a big crush on this man…I loved him in Law and Order. He was also in my favorite movie, Crimes and Misdemeanors. I drew this with charcoal pencils.

Charcoal Drawing of Jerry Orbach, drawn by Rain Frances from Rain Frances Creations

Here is the real-time drawing lesson if you’d like to give it a try:

Rain Frances Art For Kids – Koala Bear Drawing

Koala Bear drawing by Rain Frances for Rain Frances Art for Kids YouTube channel

This week, I also drew a Koala Bear with coloring pencils for my YouTube channel Rain Frances Art for Kids! I decided to draw a Koala because our friend Andrea sent me a lovely photo of a Koala Bear while she was visiting Australia in January! Here is the link to the real-time video art lesson if you’re interested!

Here is the real-time drawing lesson on YouTube. Please share this with anyone you might think will enjoy it!

Dinner Date: Baked Trout with Spinach Pesto and Whole Wheat Baguettes

This is a photo of my foil-baked trout with spinach pesto.

For our Dinner Date, I made a really delicious and healthy Foil-Baked Trout with Spinach Pesto. Now, I’m calling it a pesto, but there is no basil in it. There are no nuts or cheese either! It’s such a simple recipe and it goes so well with the trout. You could also use it as a pasta sauce! Here is the recipe for the Spinach Pesto.

For video instructions, check out my YouTube videos above!

Whole Wheat Baguettes

I also made some Whole Wheat Baguettes! (click for the recipe) I’ve been trying to get more whole grains into my diet, but I’m not such a huge fan of the store-bought whole wheat breads. I don’t like the taste of whole wheat to be honest! So I made these with a 50:50 ratio of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour. They turned out nice though I admit I prefer the white flour baguettes! If you’d like to see how I made them, check out my YouTube video:

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I like your blog,its fantastic.


I love the new look. So clean and professional. I had to copy the baguette recipe. Always on the lookout for new ones.


…I would love a bags of those Baguettes, thanks for hosting the party.

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Your new website looks great! Rain! Love that darling koala bear! Your hard work has paid off!


I adored Jerry Orbach so hats off on a wonderful drawing! Alas, I don’t have candles in my share but I do have a wonderful nut recipe and thoughts about dining with friends.

Meanwhile, your site looks just terrific. It’s clean, easy to read and follow and the posts look wonderful. Well done,Rain! Now I have to look for a subscribe by mail link!



Your new site looks beautiful! It looks so polished and professional. 🙂

Liberace dressed so flamboyant. Of course there are those since his time who even more flamboyant but anyway, what a fun idea to let Bugs pose as Liberace. A grand piano with a candelabra is an excellent design for this week’s art prompt. I just love your Lumiere painting. I thought about the character after I finished my art but didn’t have time to try to draw him. I do plan to do it, though. Your charcoal drawing of Jerry Orbach is great. You do fabulous portrait drawings! The kids koala art is cute. I have stuffed koala toy that DH won for me at a carnival when we were dating. I named him, Koala. Really original, huh? Your baguettes look really good. I like whole wheat bread but I haven’t bought any in a few years. Although a slice of bread doesn’t have a whole lot of whole grains, it still seems to cause problems for us when we eat it. I wouldn’t mind trying to make a loaf f whole wheat bread sometime and like you I’d probably do 50-50 not only to reduce the whole grain grams per serving while yielding a softer texture of white bread.

Have a doodletastic week, my friend!


i really liked your new page dear Rain ,very nice and impressive and easier to read (for me)
the art is awesome you are no doubt a master in drawing portrait 🙂
how tasty the dish looks ,we too cook spinach today but definitely not that nice
whole wheat bread looks amazing .
sending you best wishes for all you up to do !


Congratulations Sis. I’ve been trying to leave a comment and the site wouldn’t take it. Let’s see if this works. I’m so proud of you, I know how hard you have been working on this. The site looks amazing.


Your new website looks great.
Congratulations, Rain!
Wonderful art, and the trout looks so delicious.


Congratulations on the new website.
Lovely art and delicious food.

Take care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan
The Low Carb Diabetic

Carola Bartz

Congratulations on the new website! It looks very good.
Very delicious looking food. I love trout and I love spinach, not su sure about spinach pesto though (but “real” pesto is one of my favorites). We eat a lot of whole wheat bread as well as rye – the darker the better. Store bought whole wheat bread is pretty boring; I usually bake my own or buy it in a special bakery the next town over.

Traude Rostrose

Hihi, dear Rain, I love Bugs Bunny as Liberace 😊! The koala bear is very cute. And you did a great job with your new website. I’ll change the link to you right away.
Oh Wow, it’s great that I’m the first to your linkup this time!
I’m now saying goodbye for a while and starting my recently announced blog break 😘 – with a “last posting before” and warm greetings 🙋. Stay healthy – we will read again!
All the best & hugs, Traude
PS: The program said on my first attempt to comment that I had sent the comment twice and on the second attempt that I was commenting too quickly!

Debra SheWhoSeeks

Nice new website! Your into video was good too. Jerry Orbach rocks!


Hello Rain,
I always enjoy your toon characters, well done with Bugs Bunny. I love also love the Koala, they are cute animals. Your new website looks great! Take care, have a great day!


Delicious food as always Rain and your candle art is wonderful as is your portrait today. I have updated my sidebar and am ready to link my art to your new website tomorrow.


Congratulations, dear Rain, to this new blogsite. It’s fantastisc.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs by Heidrun