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Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Boots

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! This week’s optional art prompt is Boots! Yosemite Sam is a rough and tough guy, but those boots are tiny! I drew Sam with markers and used a royalty-free photo for the background. A great place to find royalty-free images is Pixabay.

So I visited the dog shelter….and…

We have three new dogs! Miley is a Boxer/Rottie mix, she’s 4 years old. Lulu Lucy is Miley’s daughter and she’s 2 years old. Benny Bear is Lulu Lucy’s puppy, he’s just turned 4 months old. The three were seized from an abusive puppy mill. Poor Benny was slated to be trained as an attack dog – he couldn’t be sweeter. He is apparently part King Shepherd so he’s going to grow up BIG. Miley and Lucy were neglected…kept caged as “breeders” (I feel sick knowing that); they are severely malnourished and underweight. The girls are adorable, shy and cuddly.

Here is my Raven meeting Benny Bear at the shelter, the four dogs get along so well. Benny Bear looks like a bear when he runs around and he’s a handful. Now you will understand why TADD is late this week! It was by pure chance that I heard about these three dogs. The shelter contacted me to tell me they had a puppy but then the director told me the whole story and I didn’t have the heart to separate them.

Lulu Lucy and Benny Bear. The girls have many scars all over them. The day the dogs were seized by the SPCA and police, Lucy had been attacked by one of the attack dogs. She needed emergency surgery to close the wound on her neck.

Miley is extremely traumatized. Any loud noise, even a loud voice has her running to a corner, tail between her legs and shaking. She has to wear a protective collar for another week because she had surgery on her back legs and we don’t want her pulling out her stitches.

I didn’t mention this publicly here on the blog because I just couldn’t. Most of you know through my newsletter that Jack passed away last month. It was extremely tough and I am still grieving. I couldn’t face the possibility of having to respond to comments but now that I’m announcing the adoptions of Miley, Lucy and Benny; I thought it appropriate to allow you all to say goodbye to Mr. Jack.

My good friend Joyce told me that it took 3 dogs to fill the void that Jack left in my heart. I would say she’s right. ♥

So my friends, I have nothing to share for our dinner date this week – nor have I made any new videos! But I’m happy again. ☺

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this is such a heart warming post dear Rain !

heartfelt sorry for the loss of your best buddy Jack ! no wonder such long time companionship is hardest to replace soon.
yet it was very brave strong and wise of you to visit rescue place and adopt these precious little creatures ! God surly will return your favor my kind friend!
their stories are heartbroken indeed .
but as they have been gifted now with such sweet lady they will heal soo and fell normal and healthy i believe !
thank you for sharing the images they touch the heart !
hugs and blessings


Hello Rain,
I am sorry Jack has passed on, but your new dogs are adorable. It is sad to learn how they were treated. They have a loving home with you now. Take care, have a great week ahead. 

Louise (Fundy Blue)

Hi, Rain! I came back to reread the story of the family of dogs that you adopted. It’s harrowing, and I am grateful that there are people like you in the world. My mom did similar things in that she adopted traumatized dogs and cats and carefully brought them back to physical and mental health as much as possible. You give so much, but you get back even more from the love of your pets. Love and hugs!


I am happy you got the new friends to take care of. But they also take care of you. 🙂 You need each other. Myself I´m a loner, always have been. Even if I gladly “talk” to dogs I meet, I doubt I could have one at home. 🙂

Louise (Fundy Blue)

I’m so happy for you, Rain! And for your new puppies who have landed in a wonderful home! If Jack should speak to them, he’d reassure them about your kindness and love.

Dino Garnett

Love your new babies, Rain! We are happy your heart is full, and singing!


You did a good job sketching Yosemite Sam. I drew him as part of my A2Z 2021 art series. I have to colorize my pencil drawing. I really should’ve done that for your prompt but my brain keeps slipping on unfinished projects. I’ll eventually get to it, though.

I was sorry to read your newsletter announcing Jack’s death. I can only imagine how difficult that has been for you. He was such a kind looking dog. I’m happy with the news of your recent adoption of three dogs. I hate learning of the animal cruelty. All creatures two and four footed deserve to be treated with great care and love. I’m so glad they have such a good home with you now. They’re going to love it!

Have a good weekend, Rain! xo

Andrea @ From the Sol

I am glad your heart is full again and thankful for your new little friends that you had room in you heart and home to save them from being separated or worse. So no one will ever replace Jack as he was very special, but they will all fill your life with joy and that is what matters. So your Yosemite Sam is awesome … you have a knack for cartoon characters. I look forward to more stories about your 5 dogs … I’m proud of Raven for being so accepting. He probably knows what they have gone through and, like you, he wants to help them know the love he knows now. Heart warming post, my friend …

Andrea @ From the Sol


I like the boots 🙂

Lovely photographs here to meet your three new dogs.

My good wishes.

All the best Jan


3 new dogs! So happy you are happy! Lovely boots piece too!

Soma @

So wonderful, Rain! I am really happy for all of you.


Debra SheWhoSeeks

May the Goddess bless you for rescuing these three unloved dogs and taking them to a home that will now be filled to overflowing with love, care, compassion, food, exercise, fun and togetherness!