Art, Thursday Art and Dinner Date

Thursday Art and Dinner Date: Bench

Welcome to Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Today’s optional art prompt is “Bench”. I spent many hours on this bench by the lake, it was always so peaceful in that little secluded spot! PS: I’m on a summer break, but please feel free to join in on the art and dinner date! ♥

That’s all for now folks! Please join us again next Thursday for Thursday Art and Dinner Date! Next week’s optional art prompt is: “Arches”. If you’d like a heads-up, here is a list of all of the art prompts for 2024.

If you’d like to share your post, just link up below! We’d love to see your foodie post and/or your art post! Remember, the weekly art prompt is optional, we’d love to see any art you’ve created!

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Louise (Fundy Blue)

Have a lovely and relaxing weekend, Rain! ❤️


Nice to sit on a bench beside a lake …

All the best Jan

Traude Rostrose

Dear Rain, there are several “benches” in my post by chance. The one in the photo where I get to know the dog – later I was allowed to pet him – his owners are sitting on a bench. The other is not a real bench, but a rock on which I rested like on a bench. And there are a few more benches to be seen in some photos – but at a greater distance…
Enjoy your break! All the best, Traude

Andrea @ From the Sol

I’m with your … sitting on a bench next to a lake, in the woods or anywhere where nature reigns. It’s the best. Love the picture and the lake … is this near you now? How are your fur babies doing? You deserve a break, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you 🙁 Hope all is well 🙂

Andrea @ From the Sol

Debra SheWhoSeeks

That charming little bench is well-weathered by the elements!


Happy Thursday to all


Soma @

A lovely spot!



Love your bench spot Rain.