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How To Paint Mountains Like Bob Ross (Oil Painting)

Look at these mountains! They were very easy to paint. I’m a Bob Ross fan and I watched all of his Joy of Painting TV shows. I used his techniques to paint this mountain study.

Supplies I Used For This Painting

Nothing fancy here folks! I started with a Dollar Store canvas, which measured 8 inches by 10 inches. For the paints, I used white, black and Prussian Blue. If you don’t specifically have Prussian Blue, you can use any blue you like because you can mix it with black or white to achieve the color you want. I also use an odorless solvent to clean my brushes. I think it’s very important not to use regular paint thinner or turpentine because they stink! And also, they aren’t good for the lungs.

My Process

Firstly, I applied a mix of blue and white on my canvas. I blended it all with my 1-inch brush. After cleaning off my brush, I tapped in some white paint and blended it to make soft clouds.

Next up, I used my palette knife to paint in the mountain tops. After that, I used the 1-inch brush to pull down the paint. Back to the palette knife to add snow and shadows.

I love using the palette knife to make mountains! I learned how to do this by watching Bob Ross. The key is to use a very light touch when applying the oil paint on the canvas. The last step was to tap the bottom of the mountain to create a bit of a foggy look; then blend with the 1-inch brush.

And there it is my friends! My easy-peasy masterpiece! This was so relaxing to do. They don’t call it art therapy for nothing!

Real-Time Oil Painting Lesson

Here is the real-time painting lesson, How To Paint Mountains Like Bob Ross, if you’d like to give it a try!

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