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Old-Time Bike Drawing

I decided to just do a little doodle today of an old-time bike. I honestly don’t know how anyone was able to ride these things!

My List of Art Lessons on YouTube

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The Supplies I Used To Draw My Old-Time Bike

I used my favorite drawing pad, a Visual Journal Bristol Smooth pad. This pad is so great for ink and pencil drawings. I used a pencil and eraser, and I always have my old paintbrush handy to wipe off my canvas. I was going to use several sizes of ink pens, but ended up only using my 0.8 fine-tip marker. I used a roll of masking tape to help me draw the front wheel and a neat little circle stencil for the back wheel.

My Drawing Process

I’m not very good at drawing circles, so I try to find things around the house to help me! A roll of masking tape worked very well for that huge front wheel. And I dusted off an old stencil to make the smaller back wheel.

I darkened the photo a little bit so you could see my pencil outline.

I simply shaded in the areas of the bicycle with my 0.8 fine-tipped black marker, added the spokes and darkened areas I felt needed darkening…nothing special! It was kind of an art therapy day for me!

If you’d like to follow along with my Old Time Bicycle Drawing, please check out the video below:

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no challenge list today??


Lovely work on the bike!