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April Garden!

We’ve had a very early spring here in the Maritimes of Canada and I’m so pleased! My garlic is popping up!

I look forward to an early harvest of garlic this year! Usually I harvest around the end of August or early September. Maybe this year I’ll be able to have fresh garlic in July, we shall see!

The chives are coming up strong!

The mint is also starting to pop through last year’s “deadfall”. I admit I was so busy last fall, I didn’t clean up the raised beds, but mint is very strong. It will push through anything once it’s established.

I believe it was two years ago that I transplanted trees from all over my property to the front of the property. My idea was to create a “living fence”. I had no clue what I was doing! But I guess I did something right because they are doing so well! Last spring they were all yellow, this spring they are all nice and green!

The tree seeds that I started last year survived the winter! Now I need to figure out the next step in taking care of them. The pot on the right of the photo shows a White Cedar. I also have some White Pines and Blue Spruce. It’s so exciting to grow a tree from seed – I wonder how big they’ll grown in my lifetime?

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Traude Rostrose

Dear Rain, I wish you that everything continues to green and sprout and grow so beautifully! Hugs and all the best,